ATTENTION! Probable group flight to Afghanistan


Een Afghan man free, Ten new Afghans are in the closed center of Bruges. It is more and more sure ther will be a collectif flight (with the Netherlands?)


15 Afghans are in the closed centrum 127 bis and a Few in Vottem. They ask help from the associations

In Netherland many Afghans were arrested the last days and are also in detention


We’ve heard from reliable sources that a lot of Afghan men, women and familys care currently being arrested and detained in several Belgian closed centres. One family with 5 children is  in the return centrun in Holsbeek, waiting for her return to Afghanistan.

It is more than likely that a group deportation to Afghanistan is being planned for the days or weeks to come.

The last months, our Foreigners’ office and Ministers have shown an unfailing efficiency to organise group deportations to several countries (Guinea, DRC, Albania, etc).

This time it seems that Afghan people are being targeted.

Will it be a Frontex flight, a flight organised by the government, a flight jointly organised with other European countries ? We might know but much later, for the sake of State secret again…

We will have additional information on this new killer initiative in the coming days and we ask each and everyone of you to pay close attention, to get informed, to spread the news and to act for that flight not to leave!


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