Cry for help from a closed centre- July 2019…No to the double penalty

Mr X. is exhausted, he spent a few months in different closed centres in 2018 after a long stay in prison and he has been retained again for more than 4 months now. He went nuts this morning.

“I can not stand it anymore, I have enough of this retention… Everybody knows. The system is made to break down people. I served an 8 years sentence, I accepted because of stupid things I did. But after 4 months of closed centre last year and more than 4 months this year, my children are going to wonder where their dad is! Why are they after me all the time? I saw people with a huge criminal record who have children and who were released. Me, I don’t have blood on my hands. My country has refused to give a let pass for more than a year.

Here at the centre you keep waiting that they open a first door, you close that door and you have to wait in front of another door, just to go and eat. We always stand between two doors, it is a real piggery,… 40 people, it smells feet, ass… all those smells! I am the slave of the Belgian State… I am isolated from my children who are going to grow up far away from me. They will grow with hate…they will be the ones with blood on their hands.

Here it is supposedly a ‘democratic society’ but where the hell is democracy? If I stay here it is because I have a family…

I will put an end to my life by myself, they will not decide for me”.

No to the double penalty… X served his sentence, he started a new life and has now 2 children… Why this second sentence, which entails retention, deportation and the break-up of a family?


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