Fire and escape closed center 127bis – 20/02/11 (ENGL/FR)

The power of solidarity in front of the detention centre 127Bis in Brussels

today at 16h30 there was a solidarity action from voices without borders in front of the detention centre 127 Bis in Brussels. The action was planned because of a hungerstrike from detained migrants.?
The hungerstrike started when detained migrants heard about the mistreatment of a 18year old egyptian migrant. He was tied up and beaten by the guards of the centre.

When we arrived in front of the detention centre, we held up banners, saying ‘human rights in danger’, and a banner with a telephone number which the detained migrants could call. There was a lot of interaction with the people inside, they were clearly in a resistant mood. After
some time, a fire broke out in a cell of the centre, and people were led into the court of the centre while the fire was raging in the cell.
Pretty soon we saw guard pushing migrants, preventing them to go op a stair outside of the detention centre.

Then a miraculous thing happened: a migrant jumped the 6 m high fence, jumped another fence, and dissapeared in mid air….

activists immediatly showed solidarity and stayed close to the centre in support of those in revolt.

No borders, No nations,

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