Hungerstrike in closed centre in Vottem 19/04/2018

It has now been 25 days that an Albanian man retained in the closed centre for foreigners in Vottem has started a hunger strike, and for 3 days a thirst strike.
We fear for his life. According to our information, he already lost more than 7 kilos with his hunger strike, and we are aware that a thirst strike may have irremediable consequences.

The Foreigners Office want to deport him to Albania, a country they consider a “safe country”. However, this man fears for his life if he had to be deported, because of the local mafias’ actions.

We ask for a solution to be found for him to be able to stay in Belgium, before it is too late…

According to the information we got yesterday evening, Mr M was placed into confinement cell. We do not think it is the appropriate answer to his extremely worrying health status.

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