12 years old and in closed centre ! 16/04/2022

Another move by the Office of Shame!
Three children spent a night in a police cell, then transferred to a detention centre, two 12 year old girls to the detention centre of Holsbeek and a 10 year old boy to the one of Merksplas. Total illegality!
When they arrived at the closed centres, noticing their young age, they were entrusted to the guardianship service, as they should be.

Flagrantly attempting to lock up unaccompanied foreign minors. This event was reported by the media, but it is common for minors to remain in closed centres, in total invisibility.Here oure last art .

SHAME to the Foreigners’ Office!
FIRE to the detention centres!

art in Mainstream media FR https://www.levif.be/actualite/belgique/le-comite-p-enquete-apres-l-interpellation-de-mineurs-renvoyes-vers-un-centre-ferme/article-news-1549379.html?cookie_check=1650050761#Echobox=1650038273

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