AFGHANISTAN/ 13 MAY 2012: “March Special Offer One-way ticket to Afghanistan”




SUNDAY 13 MAY 04.15 p.m.

To stop deportations to Afghanistan

“March Special Offer
One-way ticket to Afghanistan”
Generously offered by the Belgian Immigration Office and Turkish Airlines

For some months now Afghans have been getting stopped and locked-up in detention centres so they can be deported to their country of origin. Hamed was deported on 2 May and since then we’ve not heard anything from him (he is probably in prison in Kabul).
Namathaula was subjected to a first deportation attempt, which he managed to resist. A second attempt, on 13 May, could be fatal.

Read and listen his interview (1):

The Belgian government deports the people. The government doesn’t think about the life of people, there’s no human rights. We need your people’s help. Without the help of media, we can’t do anything. Just I need life !”

Other Afghans, sometimes very young, locked-up in detention centres will no doubt have to go through the same thing.

Overt  the past few months the Immigration Office has proved itself to be  incapable, whether knowingly or unknowingly, of assessing the risks involved with sending someone back to their country of origin.  This is true for the collective flights to the Congo and Guinea, as well as for  Afghanistan. Upon arrival in the country some people are locked-up while some simply disappear altogether.

We are aware of the situation in Afghanistan. Millions of refugees have fled the country and have claimed asylum in Iran or Pakistan. Most European countries have suspended deportations to this war-torn country, according to HCR reports (2).

The United Kingdom has cancelled collective flights to Afghanistan four times to protect the security of staff working on deportations.

But the Belgian authorities continue to press ahead!

Call to everyone – associations, politicians, witnesses, and journalists – to come to the airport and stop these deportations.

MASS GATHERING this Sunday 13 May at 4.15pm to speak to passengers and staff on flight Turkish airlines TK1940 leaving at 6.15pm for Istambul!




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