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Group deportation to Kinshasa on 27th May 2014: Frontex flight?

On 27th May, a group of policemen wearing uniforms, accompanied with loads of civilians, invaded the yard of the 127 bis closed centre at 7 a.m. Here are a few testimonies: ‘ – There was a lot of agitation on … Continuer la lecture

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Closed centers and deportations: “Brilliant system that works fine” 12/05/2014

“They have a lot of money here: Two cops for each deportation, several times per day, who get payed for a roundtrip. It’s a big budget for a country in crisis!” “Commerce is going well in closed centers” In the … Continuer la lecture

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Emergency situation in Calais! All squats and camps will be evicted in the next few days! 25/05/2014

Call to all squatters, antifascists and everyone else to support the struggle in Calais! On May 27th, the three main camps of Calais will be destroyed by the police. More than 600 people live in these camps, which were won … Continuer la lecture

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Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons 08/05/2014 (ENGL) In Italiano: See also new video here: Events so far as of Wednesday 7 May 2PM. On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and … Continuer la lecture

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Ceuta and Mellila

Radiopanik: Four people go to Morocco to meet activists and Migrants in Ceuta, Mellila, Tanger, Nador, Oujda. Listen to radiopanik (FR) Site of aktivists in Tanger (engl,fr) Site of migrants in Tanger (FR,engl):

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