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Stop a deportation, named “Dublin” on 27/10/2014: Deported

28/10/2014:Mr A was deported. The Bulgarian authorities let him go and advised that he leave Europe and return in 3 months when his Dublin would be expired ! He is currently living in the streets of Sofia with no house … Continuer la lecture

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Audio : I prefer to go back to Congo than to Bulgaria (FR)

Recently, we’ve received several testimonies by persons who were going to be deported to Bulgaria because of the Dublin law (an asylum seeker must be repatriated to the first Schengen country where he landed). However, a lot of information exist … Continuer la lecture

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About ‘organised crime’ in the closed centre of Vottem: Update

27/10/2014: Police officers came into Mr A’s cell in the closed centre of Vottem. They told him they had a warrant of arrest against him and brought him to the prison in Lantin. It seems that the Belgian state (under … Continuer la lecture

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Torture and terror in the closed centres

Cross-checking many testimonies, we are more and more worried about the treatments prisoners are submitted to in Belgian closed centres and about the violence displayed during deportation attempts. ‘Tortures’, ‘terror’ say the prisoners When we have them on the phone, … Continuer la lecture

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Hunger strikes in Vottem : 09/10/2014

For 6 days, Mohamad I, 24, of Pakistani origin, detained at the closed centre in Vottem, has been on hunger and thirst strike. Today his health is at stake, according to his pairs in the centre. He came to Belgium … Continuer la lecture

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