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Second deportation attempt with escort this Wednesday 2nd of March 2016!

Update 02/03: Mrs T was not deported and is back at the centre. Actions, faxes, emails and an article by RTBF apparently discouraged them. nne-refusait-un-mariage-force?id=9228137 Nevertheless, they promised that next time it would happen for sure. Mrs T fled … Continuer la lecture

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When will there be charter flights to North Africa? Agreements are underway

24/02/2016 ‘The whole wide world gathers in our closed centre: North Africans, sub-Saharans, Estern Europeans, Russians, Asians, Latin Americans, and even from the United States of America.’ They will be deported thanks to the collegial collaboration of consuls and ambassadors … Continuer la lecture

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How UK detention policy worsens migrants’ mental health SHARE Photo: UK Home Office Too tough inside: The inquiry is looking into the need to lock up so many migrants LONDON, 6 February 2015 (IRIN) – This month, the UK parliament is due to release findings of an … Continuer la lecture

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Audio : LOVERS, your documents! Testimony at the closed centre in Bruges (FR)

31/01/2015 Audio Testimony in French Testimony I have been in the closed centre of Bruges for two months and ten days. I live in Ninove. The police came to my house but I wasn’t there. My husband was; he said … Continuer la lecture

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