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Alert:Deportation with escort on 24/03/2017: update

Update 25/03:He left the centre at 6.30 a.m. He rang us at 2 p.m when he was back at the centre. « When you see me, you will cry ». At the airport, there were 5 men and 1 woman … Continuer la lecture

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Endless deportations and torture of an asylum seeker

22/03/2017: He arrives in Belgium  early December 2016 and asks for asylum, being persecuted in his country, Sierra Leone, as a Christian. He is transferred to the closed Caricole center. The CGRA does not believe his story and the Foriegn … Continuer la lecture

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“I will never come here again”

Testimony 19/03/2017 Hello, On Tuesday 14th of March, I was arrested at Charleroi airport because of overstaying (90/180, not indicated on my vignette, and I was not aware of it). I was driven to the closed centre like a criminal. … Continuer la lecture

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Suicide attempt at the Caricole

Physically and psychologically exhausted by a retention of more than 3 months in a closed centre, he had to confront the CGRA and the CEE that did not react to his call for help. However, his calls could not have … Continuer la lecture

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‘Natural death’ in a confinement cell

Probable scenario Batha was found dead in a confinement cell this Thursday 2nd of March 2017 in the closed centre of Vottem. He had been isolated there 36 hours earlier because he had mutilated his neck with a razor blade. … Continuer la lecture

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“I prefer to die here”

01/03/2017 On the outside, huge barriers, fences as far as your eyes can see, doorphones every 3 meters, windows padlocked with crews. In the inside, innocent people who were born with the wrong documents or in the wrong country. The … Continuer la lecture

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Death in a cell.

Press Release/02/02/2017/CRACPE A man from Azerbaijan, retained at the closed centre in Vottem, was found dead this morning. According to the information available, he arrived to Vottem three days ago from another closed centre. Two days ago he had tried … Continuer la lecture

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