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« What could I possibly do back in Congo ? »: New deportation attempt mislukt

Update 24/07/2017: Changement de programme : ils ont essayé de mettre Francis sur le vol vers Abidjan à 11h15……Coups ,saucissonage….Francis a expliqué sa situation aux passagers. Beaucoup se sont levés, beaucoup ont filmé. Francis a été ressortit de l’avion et ramené … Continuer la lecture

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“To them we are not human beings, just animals to be crushed”

17/07/2017 Call from Bruges: “Who can we turn to, Miss?” Sleepplace and lifeplace closed centre Brugge 2016 Fifteen days ago, around forty people made a written request to the direction. Two representatives of the group met the direction. Thy asked … Continuer la lecture

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Another deportation prevented: call fol rally against detention centres and deportations on Thursday 13 July at 9am

Rally organised by the Congolese community to support Ms C, who resisted a deportation to Angola, and to support all detained Congolese who risk deportation Thursday 13 July at 9am in front of the Office des étrangers – Chaussée d’Anvers, … Continuer la lecture

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