23 September 2018 – Closed centere 127bis – 20 years of resistance against deportation and closed centeres

Because Europe kills every day.

Because seas, mountains and deserts became mass graves right in front of us.

Because safety, militarisation of the borders and confinement are the only answers states give to women, men and children who are trying to guarantee or improve their existence.

Because razzias, confinement and expulsion of migrants has developed industrially.

Because closed centres are part of this inhuman mechanism.

Because humiliation, isolation, insults and beatings are ordinary, confinement itself is untenable.

Because no one is illegal and dehumanization always leads to horror.

Because the state criminalises humanitary help to immigrants.

Because the Belgian governement, unrestrained, every day exceeds all our fears in this area

We will never accept these crimes and want to let it know!


Train and bike: Arrive at the train station of Nossegem and gather at the parking of the train station before departing in a cortege to the closed centre 127bis at 13h45. Departure is possible at 13h00 (Brussels-South), 13h04 (Brussels-Central), 13h10 (Brussels-North).
Car and touringcar: Park at the end of the Namenstraat, then join the cortege which will pass around 13h50.
Touringcars will leave from Liège, Ghent, Antwerp.
This gathering is authorised.

And more actions here: https://www.semiraadamu2018.be/appel-oproep/appel-version-courte/#dutch

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