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Death at the border on 22/03/2018

On 21st of March, a 22 year old man died at the port of Zeebrugge as he tried to reach the UK. He was stuck between 2 containers and died instantly. This is the fifth known death since July 2017 … Continuer la lecture

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Trial of 15 activists in GB: Stop deportation flight

Last year, 15 people grounded a deportation charter flight for ten hours to prevent it taking off. On MONDAY 19TH March 2018, they are standing trial, charged with a terrorism-related offence that could result in life imprisonment ! Secret deportation … Continuer la lecture

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Raids, releases,deportations : news 14/03/2018

For a few weeks, raids on parkings and in stations all around Belgium are ongoing again. Several hosts contact us to warn us of the arrest, often violent, and/of the retention in closed centres of one of their guests. Very … Continuer la lecture

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DemonStration at the 127 bis closed centre : « It’s wonderful ! We are not lonely! »

28/02/2018:  At the time of big demonstrations by the citizens’ platform in favour of a ‘more human policy’, we received less calls from hosts announcing retentions of exiled people in transit. However, they continue to arrest people: Albanians, Erythreans, Turks, … Continuer la lecture

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