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The Foreigners Office want to deport at all costs

17/12/2018: The merry-go-round of retentions/releases of the exiles caught in train stations and parkings all over the country goes on. In November only, 73 arrests have been reported by hosts. Sixty were released in the following days, generally thanks to … Continuer la lecture

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GB: The Stansted15 have been convicted under terror-related legislation

Today the #Stansted15 were found guilty in Chelmsford Crown Court. In a statement they said: “We are guilty of nothing more than intervening to prevent harm. The real crime is the government’s cowardly, inhumane and barely legal deportation flights and … Continuer la lecture

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Brussels Foreigners’ Office: Here we sort human beings: Video/Action

Novembre 2018: Activists denounced the abject practices of the Foreigners’ Office and expressed their support for all migrants. “The Foreigners’ Office has the power to arbitrarily decide on the detention, release or deportation of migrant persons”. Let’s stop the eviction … Continuer la lecture

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