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Prevent a third deportation attempt with escort to Romania 26/08/2019: Update

Update 27/08/2019: He again resisted  and was brought back and put in isolation in the secure wing of the closed center of Vottem. It is still his co-detainees in Bruges who informed us and the information has been confirmed. We … Continuer la lecture

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Repeated deportations ! 19/08/2019

Repeated deportations ! S arrives in Italy and is sent to Switzerland as part of the European resettlement plan. His asylum application in Switzerland has been rejected. He continues his way to Belgium. On his way to inquire about a … Continuer la lecture

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Solidarity in the closed centre 05/08/2019

To all of you who assist migrants or undocumented people: Remind them that the risks of confinement exist, that the closed center is a step in a process towards deportation. There are procedures that allow for release but they … Continuer la lecture

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ALERT: Frontex Deportation flight from Frankfurt to Lagos ( Nigeria) on 19/08/2019

ALERT: A Frontex deportation flight from Frankfurt to  Lagos ( Nigeria) on 19/08/2019 Nigerians from other European countries can be brought to Franfurt to place them on this flight; Inform your Nigerian friends!   Frontex : « Unknown to most Europeans a … Continuer la lecture

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Audio : Three asylum requests refused: If Belgium send me back to Ethiopie, my live is finished

03/08/2019: Many migrants from Ethiopia and Erithrea, trapped in our detention centers, are threatened with deportation to Ethiopia; T is one of them T has been in a detention center since February 2019. He made 3 asylum requests from the … Continuer la lecture

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