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‘Voluntary returns’ and ‘Deportations’: testimonies

28/01/2020 It is more and more frequent that social assistants, spokespersons of the Foreigners Office in closed centres (the Office call them ‘return assistants’) advise to opt for a ‘voluntary return’, sometimes under the threat of a ‘forced return with … Continuer la lecture

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France : Prisonners fight 22/01/2020

Communiqué du 22 janvier 2020 des prisonniers de Oissel en lutte The prison for foreigners in Oissel (near Rouen) is known for its violent and racist practices, its administration suppressing all resistance movements. In this prison, solitary confinement is regularly … Continuer la lecture

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Frontex deportation to Guinea: 20/01/2020

20/01./2020 We learnt that Guineans were taken away from the Vottem closed centre and transferred to the isolation cell of the 127bis centre. They were promised a forced military flight in the evening. Then we heard that they would be … Continuer la lecture

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