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Words by a retainee in the closed centre in Bruges

27/04/2020 SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. THIS CENTRE MUST BE SHUT DOWN. Testimony « There are 120 places in the closed centre. Most of the prisoners have been released. Many had a legal record. We are still 15. And there are … Continuer la lecture

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Escape attempt in Merksplas and news from Bruges

23 April 2020 MERKSPLAS Since the publication by RTBF on 9 April 2020 of the article « Nourriture avariée, cachot pour les malades, distanciation pas respectée : le quotidien dans un centre fermé au temps du coronavirus » (Rotten food, … Continuer la lecture

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Forgotten of the Covid-19: A group of undocumented people demand immediate regularization

Photos of the action This Monday, April 20 at 11 a.m., a group of undocumented people, the forgotten ones of this period of COVID-19 crisis, carried out a sharp- action fought in front of the Tower of Finances, where the … Continuer la lecture

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NEWS FROM VOTTEM : The Foreigners Office is relentless!

18/04/2020 We regularly receive increasingly desperate calls or messages from people still being retained in the closed centre in Vottem (CIV). « We are the forgotten of the Kingdom of Belgium, help me”. They still are approx. 30 who ignore … Continuer la lecture

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Audiotestimony from closed centre in Bruges “Our fate is between your hands” 08/04/2019 

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(Non)management of the coronavirus in closed centres, between abandonment and repression. Testimony06/04/2019.

For the past weeks, the whole Belgian society is being reorganised so as to follow the sanitary measures decided by the government. The whole Belgian society, well.. almost. In closed centres, prisons, psychiatric hospitals and for homeless people, the measures … Continuer la lecture

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