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Help ! 3rd attempt of expulsion this 24/12/2021 towards IRAN : update

Update 26/12/2021: he was taken to the airport and then his escort was ordered not to put him on the plane…. he was taken back to a cachot but does not know in which centre. He tells us 100 times … Continuer la lecture

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Audio : “I have the right to go out, I have two children in my name, I am married to a Belgian woman, I don’t know what to do.”

At the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many people who do not have Belgian nationality, but a residence permit in Belgium or people with two nationalities were stuck abroad without the possibility of reaching their country of residence. The Belgian … Continuer la lecture

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State racism of the Foreigners Office and the CGVS 01/12/2021

State racism of the Foreigners’ Office and the CGRA 01/12/2021 In the last few days we have received several desperate calls from the women’s detention centre in Holsbeek All of them come from the DRC. They all arrived in September … Continuer la lecture

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