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The hunt for Afghan dublines ! APPEAL. UPDATE

Collective deportation of Aghans this 16/11/2022 : A detainee informs us that there is a “special flight” tomorrow to deport Afghans to Austria . Three Afghans in closed centre 127 bis and several Afghans from other centres were placed in … Continuer la lecture

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Asylum seeker on hunger strike at Caricole deported . Strengthening of Dublin procedures are already making victims.

  Osman (not his real name) is an Alevi Kurd and has been on hunger strike for two weeks in the Caricole detention centre near Brussels.    He refuses to be sent back to Poland and to be one of … Continuer la lecture

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Escape from the Caricole detention centre in Steenokkerzeel

Five inmates escaped from the detention centre on 04/10/2022 The Caricole centre is one of the detention centres set up by the Belgian state. Its function is to detain people arrested at airports and borders. These include people who were visiting … Continuer la lecture

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