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Uprising at Merksplas detention centre: inmates resist inhumane conditions and are dealt with harshly 28/04/2023

Film Around lunchtime, around 30 detainees from the a closed centre started a riot in the canteen in Merksplas. They did this to express their displeasure against the living conditions at the centre. This happend at the same centre … Continuer la lecture

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News from the closed centres 10 April 2023

1. Mental health and medication   The violence of the prison system and detention itself have catastrophic impacts on the mental health of prisoners. Recently, several people have expressed their concern about fellow prisoners who are clearly in great pain: … Continuer la lecture

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Stop Deportation! Protest Camp” in Schönefeld from June 1-6 2023.!

At the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, the government plans to build a massive deportation prison. Already now, mass deportations via charter flights silently take place there every month. We want to break the silence and are organizing the “Stop Deportation! Protest Camp” … Continuer la lecture

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