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Dublin Regulation: Belgium expels Angel, now in a closed centre in Sweden, facing persecution in Kenya because of her sexual orientation.

22/08/2023If you know anyone, collective or non-profit that can help Angel get out of detention center in Sweden and get the international protection, please contact us immediately. Context :    Angel was forced to leave Kenya following a lesbophobic attack that led … Continuer la lecture

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Holsbeek detention centre: women protest against their imprisonmen

The Holsbeek detention centre, on the outskirts of Leuven, is the only one of Belgium’s 6 detention centres that only holds women. On 16 August, a 58-year-old woman was found unconscious in her room. It appeared that she had not eaten … Continuer la lecture

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Call to action: we call for Richard’s release on 09/08 at the CGRS

Richard Ngaballa is a gay man from Cameroon who has been held in detention centre 127bis since March 2023. He is threatened with deportation and risks imprisonment and death in Cameroon.   Richard arrived in Belgium in 2016 and has … Continuer la lecture

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