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The eviction machine works inexorably.

30 sptember 2023 “They have come to get a friend, ma’am”. “They have come to get an old man from Algeria”. “They have come to get Congolese men”. “They have come to get……..” “They have come to get…” “And soon … Continuer la lecture

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Testimonies of prisoners subjected to DOUBLE SENTENCING and CALL FOR SUPPORT

15/09/2023 “I’ve served my sentence to the end. Why am I being punished a second time? Because I’m a foreigner? That’s discrimination.” The double penalty is part of the arsenal put in place by the Foreigners’ Office to punish those … Continuer la lecture

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Frontex massdeportation to DRC from Brussels on 12 septembre 2023 : UPDATE

  12/09/23 Collective deportation by Frontex (European border and coast guard agency) and the Belgian state: This morning we are receiving many calls from detainees from the 127bis detention centre in Steenokkerzeel confirming what was announced yesterday: a collective flight coordinated … Continuer la lecture

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Serial roundups at Brussels-Midi station!

04/09/2023 : On top of the roundups announced by the state, arrests take place daily throughout Belgium, in stations, on public transport, criminalizing people who are trying to find their way in this migratory chaos. The social model of regularization … Continuer la lecture

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