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The terrifying flight AT-833 from Brussels to Casablanca

The story of a deportation [TW police violence] Five people, three men and two women, were deported on a commercial flight on 18 June 2024, escorted by 28 police officers. We had been warned that a Moroccan woman would be … Continuer la lecture

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The situation of Palestinian refugees in closed centres: an illustration of the hypocrisy of the Belgian state

  Since the massive intensification of the attacks perpetrated by the State of Israel in Gaza, many Palestinian refugees have found themselves incarcerated in the Caricole detention centre. Arrested at Zaventem airport, these people have been incarcerated for several months … Continuer la lecture

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News from the centres: detentions, deportations, escapes, self-mutilation, torture….

    Caricole detention centre – Palestinian detainees (01/06/2024) In recent weeks, Palestinians from Jordan, Egypt and Turkey have been arrested on arrival at Zaventem and have since been held in the closed centres around the airport, awaiting deportation. Faced … Continuer la lecture

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