25 years imprisonment, 4 months in a closed centre: about the “ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS” of the Foreigners Office…

After 25 years imprisonment, on September 7th 2014, he is brought to the secured wing of the Vottem closed centre in view of his deportation http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/please-translate-in-en_uk-de-gevangenis-in-de-gevangenis-in-vottem-de-beveiligde-vleugel/

He is outraged at this new imprisonment and writes to us http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/guantanamo-bis-lettre-dun-detenu-du-centre-ferme-de-vottem-13092014/

On October 27th, they ‘arrest’ him INSIDE the closed centre and bring him back to jail. He writes to us again: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/about-organised-crime-in-the-closed-centre-of-vottem/

He spends two months in the prisons of Mons and Lantin and spends three weeks in solitary confinement in Mons without any specific reason. It was one of the most difficult periods for him: no contact with the outside world, complete isolation. A deportation to Algeria is planned for December 22nd but it is cancelled for ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS.

On December 19th he is being told that he will be brought back to Vottem. The date is then postponed until December 24th, for ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS! When reaching the centre’s gates, the management of the centre refuses to let the van in! They had to wait for almost an hour in front of the door, for ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS!

The successive transfers always happen under heavy security, in a ‘highly secured’ van used for the transfer of detainees, with two police cars, a dozen of police officers wearing bulletproof vests and sub-machine guns. Karim is hooded, handcuffed and tied up. He can not see anything. He can only hear the siren during the whole trip and the sound of screeching tyres, he can not move. The van never stops, even for red traffic lights.

The Foreigners Office want to deport him to Algeria at all costs. Being Franco-Algerian, Karim wants to join his wife and son in Paris. The consulate of Algeria is reluctant to deliver him a let-pass to allow his deportation.

On December 29th, he is brought to the airport for a deportation attempt. He had resigned himself and was ready to accept it, hoping he would be free to move at last.
On the airport tarmac, ready to board, he is being told that the deportation is being postponed for ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS again. He is brought back to the closed centre of Vottem. Later on he learns that the Office could not reach the Algerian embassy and that therefore he will not get any let-pass.

On January 5th, he is going to the Court of Appeal to request his release. The judge orders his release for the third time and… the Office appeals the decision for the third time!

Karim will be represented in front of the Chambre de mise en accusation within 15 days… and will remain in his cell in the secured wing in Vottem.

For several days he has been showing some resistance in the centre: he doesn’t leave his cell anymore, not even for the ‘Sunday walk’ and he refuses to talk to anyone.

‘The way they treat you put you in an unbearable social, affective, and relational disorder. I finally ask myself what could relieve me..

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