2nd deportation attempt with police escort this Monday 21/10/2019 on SN AIRLINES

Update 22/10/2019: She was tied up, hit, and the captain was alerted by a passenger who gave the order to get her out of the plane. She came back to the centre, bruised and revolted.

Thank you to all those who wrote, phone the company and THANK YOU to those present at the airport


T. asked for asylum in 2015 but it was rejected on the ground that there was no proof of what she said.

Tomorrow, on Monday Oktober21  Belgium with the help of Brussels Airlines, wants to deport T with “escort” . Her crime : to be in love and wanting to get married!!.

T has known her parter for 4 years and they have lived together for 2 years in Flanders. A declaration of marriage was on the go in the commune but, even if all the documents were not completed the police was sent to theirappartement to arrest her and detain her in the Holsbeek closed centre. In her country of origine, she has no family. They have all emigrated.  She will have to live in the street without resources. She does nt want to go and asks for help. She wants to get married with her boyfriend HERE.

Let’s go to the airport to speak to passengers at 9am !

Flight SN 245 for Monrovia /Liberia with a atopover in Freetown

and alert, demand explanations to the airline SN, collaborator in the deportations to Africa. 

Brussels Airlines

+32 2 723 23 45 Callcenter.nl@brusselsairlines.com


SN Brussels Airlines :


Fax= 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931

Tél 078 188889 / 027232345 /027232362

Demandez à ce que que votre message soit transmis au

Commandant de bord






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