4/06/12 SERIOUS SUICIDE ATTEMPT in the closed centre of Bruges, and HUNGER STRIKE in Caricole

07/06 :Notre ami a été ramené au centre avec diverses sutures aux poignet et au cou. Il est toujours en isolement. Actuellement il refuse de manger et serait transféré dans un aure centre dans les prochains jours

This Monday morning, we got informed about a suicide attempt: a Pakistani tried to cut his throat in the toilets of the centre. He was urgently brought to the hospital. Other detainees refused to eat today as a sign of protest. “We are deeply shocked” said one of them.

The man has been living in Belgium for almost 10 years and he tried several types of procedures and actions (among which two hunger strikes) for his situation to be regularised, but with no positive results in the long term.

He is now in the hospital and we are still expecting news on his situation.

Twelve persons among whom three women have been on hunger strike for seven days at Caricole in order to protest against their detention in this new closed centre for asylum seekers. They denounce the treatment of their asylum requests and the completely unpredictable decisions linked to them.

To be continued…

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