6 Decembre 2017 – “Saint Nicolas” Action at closed centre 127 BIS.

Update 5 december (Nl): De mensen opgesloten in her centrum 127bis waren van plan mee te betogen vanuit het centrum. Maar hun dagelijkse wandeling tussen 15 uur en 17 uur werd door de direktie afgelast. Zij zijn solidair en zullen hun best doen om mee te betogen vanuit hun kamers”

We share the call of the League of Human Rights, Tout Autre Chose and Humans Welcome denouncing the construction of the new wing for families with children at 127bis.

Meeting Wednesday 6th December at 14.00 at Nossegem station!

“1km walk to the construction site of a new centre. Accompanied by St Nicolas, we will bring toys that we will symbolically fix on the fences. Everyone, come and create a human chain in solidarity with people who have been criminilised and locked up simply because they did not have a residence permit.

Please bring used or non-used toys (teddies, dolls, etc.) to hang on the centre grilles. ”

Belgium has long boasted to other European countries of its “maisons de retour” (“homes for returns”), which were supposed to allow the smooth expulsion of families with children. Meant to be more “human”, this solution was nothing more than variation on the theme of migration injustice, which means that some people, some families, some children, are not welcome in Europe.

The proof is that many families were escaping from these “open centres” to avoid repatriation operations. Hence the need for the Belgian authorities to start locking up children again. Note also that already families with young children are placed in a closed centre the day before their expulsion, precisely to increase the “rate of return” …

The new family wing of 127 bis, announced by Theo Francken in 2014 (see http://regularisation. canalblog.com/archives/2014/ 10/25/30830216.html), is just another wheel in the sorting, segregation and oppression machine put in place by our governments.

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