67 years old and deported under escort! :deported

Mr AP is 67 years old.  He has lived in Belgium for 12 Years, close to his children.  He obtained a 5-year residence card in 2006.  This card was recently withdrawn.  He was arrested in September and taken to the Merksplas detention centre. He underwent a first deportation attempt, which he resisted.  The Immigration Office will try to deport him again, under escort, on 2 November 2012.  Mr AP has decided to resist this latest deportation attempt and has asked us for help!  He is to be taken first to Moscow and from there he will be taken on to Armenia, his country of origin.

Flight 2561 Aeroflot at 12:45 on Friday 2 November

Meet at the airport at 10:45 to explain his situation to passengers and ask them to react.

Fax and e-mail to protest :

openline@aeroflot.ru for Russia

For Brussels,
RUE DES COLONIES, 58, 1000 BRUXELLES  Tel 322 / 5136066
Fax 322 / 5122961

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