A call for help from the inmates of the 127bis detention center 06/07/2014: Update

Update 11/07:
The deportation of A in 127 bis and the man of Vottem were concelled

Update – Hunger strike at the 127bis, July 8th
Yesterday, A. fell in his room. He was placed in solitary confinement after his fall. His codetainees went to see their “boss” and then the director, and they insisted that A. be brought to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital and brought back to the centre afterwards. When back, he was told that they would deport him to Pakistan “tomorrow or after tomorrow” without precising the exact date or time. Appeal from detainees in the 127bis

Mr A A is Pakistani. He has been living in Belgium for 8 years. He is detained at 127bis. He has been on hunger strike (and thirst, according to some
reports) for more than 8days. His fellow inmates are worried. He is getting skinnier and is having a hard time expressing himself.
The other inmates went to see the director of the center. The director is minimizing A’s actions. “We’ll see on monday” is what he said.
The fellow inmates are calling for help. They don’t want their friend to die in his cell and they are very scared.

*Deportation scheduled this Monday 7/7/14 : Statement by Cracpe*
Sharzyl RACHID is a Bengladeshi citizen. He has been in belgium for more han 8 years. He has been active in the Undocumented struggle, he has taken
part in occupations and in the hunger strikes of 2006. He is undocumented and gets by as best he can without documents.
He took part in events and actions let by different movements of the Verviers area.
He lives in Dison. He introduced different appeals but has been rejected.
He mentionned, among other things, his health problems.
He was arrested after being checked on a train and he is staying in the Closed center in Vottem.
His deportation is scheduled on Monday, on flight 9W221 9W276 at 10:07
destination Bombay.
He is no longer taking food.
SN airlines no longer has an email address but they have a ‘contact’ page on their website. There are fax lines that can be contacted to protest this
deportation :
Fax = 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931
We call on all people who can, to be at the airport tomorrow (7/7/14) and to head to the checkin line of the SN flight to Bombay. Please be present
at 8h07 to ask the other passengers not to sit down for take-off in order to block the deportation.

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