A prison in the prison in Vottem: ” The secured wing of Vottem”

He spent 25 years in prison and some time in the high security wing in Bruges. He served his full sentence. He should have been released under the condition that he would leave the territory; which he had promised he would do. But one day before his official release, he was transfered to the closed centre of Vottem in view of his deportation! To Algeria or France since he has two nationalities.

« This time I’m really illegally imprisoned“.
« This is crazy. »
« We are far worse off that in prison here: no rules, a lot of pressure, blackmail, cameras everywhere.”
« Everything is controlled and timed”.
« It is inciting rebellion”.
« They call that a room, actually it is a cell like in the other prisons!”
« At the cantine, it is chocotoffs and coca-cola… It is scandalous!”

As soon as he arrives to Vottem, he witnesses a young man that got injured. They claim for a doctor with other co-detainees. Two guards come to pick him up and bring him to the isolation cell. In front of the cell, 20 wardens are waiting for him! “this is provocation” he says.He quietly enters the isolation cell and no one moves.
24 hours later, they come to bring him to the secured wing of Vottem »


He tests the new wing, a prison within the prison, initially arranged for the so-called ‘criminals’ who come out of jail and also, according to Maggie De Block, “for the people whose behaviours require a particular monitoring and follow-up” (they mean the people who oppose to the system, those who decided not to accept being treated that way).
There are no detainees. He is the first one and he considers having a housewarming party alone!
« There are cameras everywhere, even in my cell there is a camera and a microphone!”

He also learns that neither France nor Algeria are willing to provide him with a let pass:
An employee of the Foreigners Office comes and proposes him to sign a paper certifying that he agrees to leave for Algeria:

«No way, you are asking me to do the job of the Belgian State and of the Foreigners Office, this is out of question!”

To be continued…

Mister M
On September 9th 2014, a second person ‘enters” the secured wing.
M. has been living in EUROPE for 15 years. He is living in Austria.
He was arrested in Liège and brought to the 127 bis closed centre.
This 2014/09/09, deportation attempt: he refuses and is beaten by six police officers at the airport! He lodges a complaint and is brought to the secured wing in Vottem.

Exhausted, he says: « Does one also need papers to go to heaven? If not, I’m going there tonight.”

Mister M was transfered this 2014/09/11 to the closed centre of Bruges.

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