Abolish Frontex 09/06/2021

Around twenty activists spread blood on the walls of the FRONTEX agency (European Border and Coast Guard Agency). This action is part of a European campaign that aims at putting an end to that agency and its world. 
Since 1993, the militarised policy of Fortress Europe has caused the death of more than 40,555 people. Drowned in the Mediterranean, killed at the borders;  passed away after committing suicide in the retention centres, tortured and killed after their deportation; the UE have blood on their hands.  
One of the agency that heavily collaborates to this criminal repression is FRONTEX. 
A new international movement is rising up today in order to abolish FRONTEX. A first day of actions aimed at the European Border and Coast Guard Agency in seven different countries. 
Because Europe has blood on its hands and because we refuse to be passive accomplices of it.  
Join us! 
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