About struggles in the centres


He had been living here for 10 years. He climbed on a crane in 2009. He then jumped into the canal out of despair. He was brought to the hospital several times for depression. He was arrested and taken to the closed centre. As soon as he got there he refused to feed himself so as to protest against his retention. Nobody was aware of it. After 36 days of hunger strike he was RELEASED!

They had planned to deport him to Morocco. His wife came to the centre with their 10 days born baby. She left the centre, leaving the baby in his dad’s arms, saying “if he has to leave, his son is leaving with him”. Panic and general gathering of the centre’s management. After deliberations and (fake) promises, the mother left the centre with the baby. The day after the father was deported.

« I am OK to leave, but not under constraint, like this.”

« Belgians have to be aware of what is going on here. A woman was brought out of the centre by force. She was shouting and fighting. Ten ‘security guards’ took control of her and took her to the van to drive her to the airport. We are all shocked”.

« I crossed the Mediterranean sea on a boat from Morocco to Spain. We were 30 on the boat. I settled in Spain where I felt at ease. I came to Belgium to visit a friend and they arrested me. I am staying in a prison (closed centre). 

They identified me as Guinean. A let pass was delivered by the Guinean embassy without them seeing me, without an interview, without any evidence. They want to deport me to Guinea. I don’t need papers to live. To me, my country of origin is not on the agenda. I want to go back to Spain. I have the right to live wherever I want to…”

« In Mali white people used to be acclaimed, but when one wants to go to them!!!!” 

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