About the abomination of closed centres: Audiotestimony from the Caricole closed centre 03/05/2019

Testimony from the Caricole closed centre: about the abomination of closed centres 03/05/2019

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I’m in Belgium since 18 April 2019, I came here with a short-term visa, 20 days, which was deliverd to me by the Belgian embassy.

About the closed centres, I would like to say that it is an absolute abomination, it is the place where they took me, the Caricole centre in Zaventem, an absolute abomination as I said, where human rights are being violated. It is a machine, a monster that has to be destroyed because here, men are transformed into animals who lost their freedom of expression because here this right is completely denied. From the police station at the airport, you are not given the possibility to express yourself, instead you are being traumatised and violently treated.

Not only men are losing their freedom of expression but they also lose their right to freedom, which is a fundamental right for all human beings. Men are imprisoned because they requested asylum or because they were on a visit with a visa, a visit into the Kindgdom of Belgium.
This is unacceptable. We are not criminals, there are even children here, they are with their parents, we are not criminals. These people are not bandits or terrorists but are caught at the airport and remain imprisoned.

And they treat these people like prisoners. They do everything… they take away your phone, you are given a stupid small phone. Even though we are living in the computer age, the age of high technology etc, you can not be on WhatsApp, you can not communicate with your family. You are in prison, it is a prison. Caricole is not a closed centre, it is a prison.

Concerning the immigration policy, I am convinced -and I truly believe what I say- that it should be revised. We, foreigners, are not welcomed properly, we are mistreated when we arrive. But the foreigners, the Belgian people coming to our country, they don’t receive the same bad treatment/ Human beings should be respected, human beings should be allowed to express themselves.

You are given a visa in our countries and when you reach the airport, the same country denies you the right to enter that country. This means there is a problem between the ambassador who is in that country and who delivers the visa and the immigration office that welcomes you when you enter the country. This is all I have to say.


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