About the hunger strikes in the closed centres 09/12/2013

In four closed centres, hunger strikes have been started by prisoners in protest against the death of a young man from the Ivory Coast in the closed centre of Bruges on 5 December, and out of solidarity with the people on hunger strike who support the Afghans.

The repression machine was very rapidly launched by the State.

In Bruges, the police came in force on 6 December. Three prisoners were placed in confinement and 5 or 6 others were transfered.

In Vottem, the pressure was more psychological. At present, some are still continuing their action. One of them will be transferred today.

At the 127 bis closed centre, several dozens of prisoners were transferred. Thirtheen continue their action, 8 are from Afghanistan. One of them was be deported this Tuesday 10 December. We were also informed that 3 Afghans who had started a hunger strike last week have been deported in secret. One Algerian man , in hungerstrike for 5 days was deported on 10/12 and liberate in Venetia (Italy): he is there without money and papers and do not know what to do!

At the closed centre in Merksplas, hunger strikes were started this 7 December in two different wings. According to what we’ve heard, four are on hunger strike: three Afghans and one Pakistani.

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