‘About the planned death of a stubborn migrant : not at ours”: Deported

Update: Mr Bah en another guinees man where deported in a prive flyer and many policeman! without passanger!!!!!

Call for international support: Resist deportation of 72-days-hungerstriker




For the fifth time, the Dutch state will try to deport Cheikh Bah to Guinea. He has been on hungerstrike for 72 days now; four times earlier they tried to deport him. Two of those times, a doctor declared him NOT fit to fly. He needs support from France!


He tells us they have denied him access to the flight data (such as flight number + deperture time) because they are afraid his doctor might try to book the same flight in order to be with him and protest against the deportation. The last time the doctor tried this, she was rejected to board the plane because she would be a so-called “safety risk”.


Bah has been beaten up by detention guards twice in May, when he was already in hungerstrike. At least once, they falsified his papers. Bah says they did that again for the upcoming deportation on Wednesday.


Bah is in huge need of international support!


Because they have not shown him the flight data, it is hard to tell on which plane he will leave. It is most probable that he will be deported to Nouakchott (Mauritania) via Paris, as they tried the last time.


What he needs from France, is people who will go to the airport in Paris who will try to meet passengers of flight AFR748 of 1.30 pm to Conakry (not confirmed that this is the flight) on Wednesday July 31st to tell them about the deportation, so they can maybe help get him of the plane.


For more info, contact info [at] deportatieverzet.nl


Many thanks in advance.
In solidarity,
Deportation Restistance Group (Netherlands)

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