After five months in a detention centre, second deporation attempt under escort to Kinshasa this Friday September 21st

Mr M F, who has been detained in the Merskpas centre for 5 months, will experience a second deportation attempt this Friday September 21st, on Brussels Airlines Flight 357 at 10.40 a.m

Mr M F arrived in Belgium in 2010. He introduced an asylum request that was rejected by the CGRA, and a regularisation request that was refused by the Foreigners Office. He got arrested in his house five months ago. A cassation appeal was foreseen for this month.

Mr M F is asking for our help to resist this deportation.

Meeting at the Zaventem airport this Friday September 21st at 8.40 a.m to warn the passengers on their right to refuse a forced deporation on their flight.

Or send a fax/ring SN Brussels

on their website
or Fax 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931 –Tél 078 188889 / 027232345 / 027232362

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