ALERT: Frontex Deportation flight from Frankfurt to Lagos ( Nigeria) on 19/08/2019

ALERT: A Frontex deportation flight from Frankfurt to  Lagos ( Nigeria) on 19/08/2019

Nigerians from other European countries can be brought to Franfurt to place them on this flight;

Inform your Nigerian friends!


Frontex : « Unknown to most Europeans a deportation machine has grown up in Europe in the last decade. The EU coast and border agency, Frontex, is set to be supercharged with €11.3bn in the coming years to match the political appetite for forced returns. »

Video: Evolutie van het aantal geforceerde deportaties georganisserd door Frontex  :

Testimony 2016:



And Demo  Stop deportations in Gohta (Germany) op 10/08/2019

« Next Saturday there will be a protest action and solidarity demonstration of Refugees in Gotha. The Nigerian Community there is threatened with deportations. The German and the Nigerian government have strengthened their cooperation since some years. One consequence of this are nightly deportations from the refugee camp in Gotha. Therefore, there will be an art installation from Refugee Black Box starting at 10 AM in Gotha and a rally plus demonstration in the afternoon. You can find the call here (English)

The organizers – Nigerians, Refugees from Gotha and activists from The VOICE Refugee Forum – call on all progressive activists, friends and sympathizers, refugees and non-refugees to join the campaign against deportation of Nigerians and to protest against the deportations and against isolation of refugees. They demand an end of the deportations and freedom of movement.

That’s why we want to come to Gotha with as many people as possible next Saturday to support the protest. Join us! Meeting point for the journey by train is 9:45 AM on platform 1 of train station Jena-West, where we will buy group tickets together and get on the train that leaves at 10:06. After changing in Weimar we will be in Gotha at 11:25. The joint way back will take place after the demonstration.

Spread the word! See you on Saturday at 9:45 at Jena-West.

Send your solidarity message. If you are not able to come to make your own Black Box you can send a photo of your Refugee Black Box to the Facebook page of the Refugee Black Box. »


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