Alert! Razzia’s on 09/09/2019 in West Flanders


Major raffle operation this 09/09/2019 in West Vlaanderen!

From a trustworthy source we learn that a raffle operation with drone, dogs, cavalry, and all the holy tremor, is being organized for this coming 09/09/2019 in the province West Vlaanderen with a focus on and around Zeebrugge with an aim to put an end to migrations ……

The press is invited to come to Zeebrugge to witness and testify this beautiful operation this 09/09 in Zeebrugge at 17 h 30

Warn everyone everywhere … News to be largely spread ……… ..

This information is coming in addition to the information providing from Calais: “Massive expulsion planned in Calais on Monday. Ordinary cruelty in the “country of human rights”. CRS (police) reinforcements, placing posters on the migrants’ places of survival, places made free in detention centres: the prefect of Calais is preparing to make the exiles suffer the horror of a massive expulsion of the “Migrants’ Hostel”

Also soon coming up the expulsion of the Grande-Synthe camp where a thousand migrants are sheltered … .At Grande-Synthe: the justice orders the evacuation of the camp of a thousand migrants

We are at war …… .Resistance!

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