ALERTA 25/04/2016

If you are undocumented and you hear that the police are looking for you in order to talk to you, avoid getting in touch with them. Temporarily disappear from your official address and ask for help to your lawyer, friends, associations or groups supporting undocumented.

Be aware that the police never have good intentions! Never trust what they say.

Currently we get a lot of calls from people who were arrested by the police who use clever strategies to trap undocumented people.

The police come to your address to talk to you. If you are there, they tell you everything and nothing, gently. Then, when having found that you are home, they send a patrol to arrest you. If you are not present, they explain to your cohabitants or neighbours that it is important that they get in touch with them the earliest possible. Confidently, you ring back and the person asks you (always very kindly) where you are. A few mintues later, a super armed patrol comes in and arrests you (unkindly).

All the arguments are good for police forces: an undocumented’s cohabitant gets the visit of the police who say they have to ask a few questions to her cohabitant concerning the terrorist attacks in Brussels. As soon as the undocumented gets back home, he rings back the police, in a panic. A few minutes later, a patrol arrives and arrests him because he is undocumented. Nothing to do with the attacks!

A last warning to Guinean citizens: the calls we get for the moment often come from Guineans. It may be a coincidence and it is not sure that these arrests only concern Guineans, but still, warn your Guinean friends.

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