Alerte Pétition

Englih translation

Free Miss E,illegaly detained and separated from her children

Miss E is detained since mid-January in the Caricole detention center while she has a valid resident card in France ! Help us to collect as        much signatures as we can until Thursday night (9th of February 2017). We will bring this petition to the state secretary of asylum and migration Theo Francken.

While she was coming back from holidays in China, Miss E was arrested in Brussels national airport. She was supposed to take the train to Paris where her children were waiting for her, but the airport policemen has decreed that she was using a fake passport. She has been transferred in Caricole detention center, in  Steenokkerzeel, where she is still locked up.

Miss E was traveling with a valid resident card delivered by France state. Without asking any questions neither giving any receipt, policemen has taken all her documents – passeport, resident card, ID card, driving license, vaccination card. Every things. « Since that time, I’am nobody » she says.

Bring from Paris by a friend of her to gather with their mother, her 4 children (10, 5 and twins of 2 years old) spent some times in the Caricole and placed in several minor centers. Without their mother, illegally detained, tutorship services assigned them a tutor.

Height of cruelty :  despite news documents which attest of their domicile in Paris, and acts of birth of the children, the Foreign Office (Home Office) questioned that they are her children ! A DNA test will be done but the results of it could take six weeks to come. « How to stay locked up so long without my children »desperate Miss E.
Madam has already undergone three deportation attempts to China without her children. The last attempt, with a police escort, happened Tuesday 31 of January. This attempt was unsuccessful only because of the presence of her children in Belgium, otherwise she could has been deported in China without valid documents !

In addition to that, she can’t understand anything about the documents that the Caricole administration present to her, which are exclusively in dutch

How long this nightmare will continue ? The one of this mother locked up despite her capacity to prove her right to pass trough Belgium* and the one of this children who are crying for their mother : « how long will you stay in prison ? ». Until which point Foreign Office wants to go on this absurd story,shameful and cruel which traumatize this lady and her children ?

We ask that they released immediatly Miss E,  who wants to recover liberty and her children, to go far away from that nightmare, in Paris where she lives !

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