An 84 years old terrorist?!

“It is a clear signal that the only good way to come and settle in our country is the legal way”, highlighted M. Francken in a press release!………………….

An 84 years old woman was arrested in the evening of the 1st of March 2015 at Brussels airport. She came from Montenegro to greet for the last time her children and grand-children who are living and some of them were even born in Belgium! She had never left her country before.
She was questioned for long by the airport police, they suspected her of being a ‘terrorist’ and accused her of illegal immigration. Actually, she did not have a return ticket because the family was hoping to find a last minute ticket for her return foreseen in one month! It would partly be for that reason that our authorities are speaking of ‘illegal immigration’ and ‘terrorism’. She was brought to the Caricole closed centre!

At the airport, every day, dozens of people are being arrested and imprisoned for they are suspected of ‘illegal immigration’. Some are only in transit at Brussels airport, others have a ‘suspicious’ visa, others a ‘suspicious’ passport, others a ‘suspicious’ face, others do not yet have a return ticket, others introduce an asylum request. They are questioned by the airport police, sometimes without translators, and are arrested on the basis of a very subjective appreciation and brought, handcuffed, to a closed centre in view of a rapid organised repatriation!

After 24 hours, the woman was released following heavy pressure on politicians, announcements to the media, and a notice by the doctor of the Caricole centre!

Welcome to Belgium, dear woman!

Let’s sabotage this deportation machine!


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