Arrest and deportationattempt: Audio..Update


Update: Released with the refugee status on 10 May 2017. Free violence!


Arrest and deportation attempt

audio (FR) here

And in the plane

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Arrest and deportation attempt:

I simply wanted to introduce myself first. My name is Massmu Koti (???). I live in Schaerbeek, I have been there for 6 years and a half.

On 28th November they came home, 3 police officers (2 men and 1 woman). They said they had come to catch me. I asked why? They said that I would be told there at the police station. We left with them to Schaerbeek, I had not understood, but before leaving I wanted to change because I only had underwear. I went to my bedroom and the police man followed me there. I was naked to change myself, they stayed there. I asked them to leave the room because I was going to change clothes but they stayed there.

When i was ready they handcuffed me; I asked why because I had not stolen anything nor done anything wrong!
I hold my hands and they handcuffed me. We went to Evere. There they took my fingerprints etc. We left to North station and there they directly put me in a confinement cell. I spent more than 2 hours there then they called me and told me that I was going to the closed centre in Bruges, on 28th November.

They brought me here. I stayed here for 3 months and a half. I introduced my 3rd asylum request. I had introduced the first one in 2010, the second one here, and the 3rd one here also, it was on 21st of February, therefore I am waiting for the answer.

To my surprise, on 21st of March, the social assistant called me to tell me that she had got my ticket and that I had to fly back to Congo on the 24th of March. From 4 p.m they put me in a confinement cell, until 6 a.m

Was it the first time they tried to deport you?

Yes it was. Arrest and deportation attempt:

Around 6 a.m the drivers came to pick me up. At the airport they left me in a cell with guards. The police told me that I was going to Congo on the same day.

I said no, I cannot go to Congo like this, I had requested asylum and I can not leave because I haven’t received the answer yet. They told me that they had contacted the Foreigners Office and that they would get the answer within an hour.

I said that things could not happen that way. First we need an answer to prepare the travel! You do the opposite! you prepare the trip and then you expect the answer!

They said, well we don’t know, but you will for sure sleep in Congo tonight.
They asked me to undress, I stayed with my underwear but they also wanted me to take it off. They were four men and 1 woman, I took off the underwear. They asked me to get 30cm down, I did that twice.

« Then they said ok let’s go”. They took a belt to tie me. I asked them why they wanted to tie me because I am not a thief nor a criminal!

Since I’ve been in Europe it’s the first time I’ve been to the police station. They told me that they were going to tie me, I refused, I said I was not leaving, then they said ok now you’ll see…
They were 8, they started to beat me in the cell, they put me on the ground and beat me, especially the woman, she almost strangled me.

They put the belt, the scotch tape, they tied me very well and carried me to the bus like an animal and then to the plane, they placed the steps, I didn’t move, they had to carry me, they were 6, they had to carry me like a bag, like a corpse until the plane. We entered the plane, there was nobody. They seated me at the very end, two of them on my left, two on my right, two at the front and the woman next to me.

Now you’re going to Congo and when we get there we’ll help you, we’ll make you leave the airport and let you 500-600 meters away from it.  I said “you say you want to help me but if you let me 500 meters away, you know I’m kin danger!’ If I was not in danger you would leave me in the airport, I could go out etc. so you know I’m in danger, I am a fighter, one can see me everywhere!

And in the plane

Once in the plane they told me “Go there sir, we’ll sit you there, be quiet. When we get to Congo, we will escort you until the exit and we will help you, we will drive you 500km away and drop you.

I said: ‘I am telling you that I have problems there in Congo! If I arrive there, they will hurt me, they will kill me. But you don’t believe me. Why are you telling me that when we get there you will escort me and drop me 500km away? I will be in trouble there. If I didn’t have problmes, why would you escort me 500 km away?’

I stayed quiet because there was nobody in the plane, I was alone with 5 police officers. I remained quiet and when the people started to come, I saw there was a lot of people, I started shouting, and then everybody started shouting and making a fuss with the police.

Then two air hostesses came and said that the pilot could not take off like this, that I had to get off the plane. They had me get off the plane.

The woman, the police woman, removed the scotch tape I had around my legs, she removed everything, except the ones around my hands. They told me “we are getting off the plane”.

When in the stairs, one of the policemen told me “Did you see what you’ve done? Now you will see what I’ll do to you…”

We entered the bus, he started to beat me in the ribs, I was like a package, we arrived closed to the cell above, he started to kick me in the ass and it hurt me where I had got an operation 3 years ago. It’s all swollen and it hurts a lot. I stayed there during 45 minutes and then the people came.

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