Attempt to escape, Manifestation: The only response: Repression and censuur 01/10/2016

Attempt to escape
127bis: 27/09 : during the walk time, a man jumped over the 3 fences of the centre: this was followed by a police deployment and a manhunt. They found him and transferred him to a secured wing of the closed centre in Vottem.

Vottem :26/09 : a man jumped over a first fence, and he climbed a second one. He stayed for a while on top of this second fence, the police was waiting for him downstairs. He was finally arrested and transferred to another centre.

« I understand him” says a prisoner, “it’s been seven months that I have been retained here because I am undocumented, this can drive you totally mad”.

General search this 28th of September in one of the wings of 127bis.

Demonstration « Faites du vélo pas des centres fermés » : Repression of free speech
CRER call here:
Following the call by CRER against the closed centres, a few dozens of militants gathered in front of the centre. The management had taken measures to prevent any contact with the retainees: 6 retainees had been placed in confinement cells the day before, 3 others the morning after (‘those who could easily speak’ says a detainee). In the women’s wing, they all were taken away from the windows to prevent any contact with the outside. In the men’s wing, we got a contact with one man. The others were standing behind locked windows.
« I was standing at the window, I saw you, but the window was closed. I could not speak to you.”
Visits by family members and friends had been cancelled, and the day walks too.

Arrests of 12 undocumented with heavy police means and detentions in closed centres:
Demonstrations and gatherings for their release
More info here: et
and interview of one of them:

Frontex collective expulsion to Guinea and the DRC this 28th of September 2016
Update 29/09: In the end, it was a FRONTEX flight with more than 20 Guineans and Congolese who were deported from Brussels! They landed in Conakry in the evening of the 28th where the Belgian ambassador and the Guinean Minister of Home Affairs were expecting them. They directly joined their families who were waiting for them.
The plane then took off for Kinshasa with the Congolese.
One Congolese got one foot broken during the violent push to embark him because he refused to leave.
Three Guineans and two Congolese were not taken to the airport because they were on a ‘reserve list’. They were driven back to Vottem and Merksplas.

A demonstration organised by the coordination of undocumented took place in front of the Guinean embassy the day before the flight. The Guinean media widely spread the information.
Read the full article here:
Video of the arrival in Guinea

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