Attempts to make resistance invisible: stifling rebellions in closed centres

On 20 June 2018, during the whole day, militants blocked the building site of the family units next to the 127bis. In the centre, the retainees expressed their support in favour of this movement in different ways. Some refused to sit and have lunch, others wrote messages of support and solidarity with the militants, etc.

One retainee crossed the corridor shouting ‘we want freedom, we want freedom!‘. The guard came and said ‘enough now, calm down or else…‘, other retainees who had heard the noise joined him rapidly and opposed the guard telling him ‘he has the right, he is doing nothing wrong’. The reaction of the authorities was fast: 4 people were placed in confinement cells! It is automatic for anyone who tries to spread another message than the message of the authorities. Confinement aims at discouraging any form of action, and at breaking any form of growing resistance within the centres. 

What happens inside the centre can also be seen outside. When one speaks of the resistance to migration, security and repressive policies, may they come from inside or outside the centres, it is a real dissuasion logic that the authorities are applying. An attempt to cut all support to actions that make the ligth on what is going on inside the closed centres, as shown by the arrest of the RTBF film crew during the occupation of the building site by the militants on 20 June 2018.

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