Audio testimony Mei 2022 : Deportation to Togo: Brussels airlines makes a stop at the Caricole

G. Was arrested at the airport and taken to the Caricole. He is 17 years old and has been regarded as an adult after a bone test. Tests whose credibility is unreliable as it is based on “white western references : without taking into account ethnic origin, social-economic level or diet which obviously have an impact on an individual’s growth and therefore his skeleton “1.
He was therefore locked up at the Caricole for several months.
From Togo he tells us that he wants the message to get through, that he wants people to know what’s going on there. 
I saw a lot of things, you have to live in the Caricole to see what happens, you have to be mentally strong”.
G was deported to Togo. He agreed to talk about his experience at the centre: racism, mistreatment, psychological and physical violence. “We, black poeple, I don’t know what we did to the Belgians”, G told us in his testimony, referring to a racist administrative system and practices within the centre.
He also talks about the complicity of the airline company “Brussels Airlines” in deportations: members of staff
come to the centres to put poeple under pressure to accept deportation and  being deported, without resistance. Three people came three times to see Gwe are doing our job”: but how much do you get paid to do this?
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