Audio testimony of a violent expulsion

He had been in the closed centre of Vottem for several months. Security men came to pick him up by surprise to take him to the airport for his first attempt to be deported to Tunis with a stopover in Rome; he resisted and the passengers stood up to prevent this deportation. The captain ordered the federal police to remove him from the plane; he was transferred to the Merksplas detention centre. He has many physical and psychological consequences and wants to testify about this violence.

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An appeal to find the witnesses of this expulsion has also been launched”Call for witnesses – Brussels Airport – 27.01.2023A man was subjected to a very violent deportation attempt on Friday 27 January 2023. He was put on the ITA Airways flight departing from Brussels Airport at 11.40 a.m. in the direction of Rome. Several passengers objected to the deportation and some filmed the scene. We are looking for witnesses or videos of these events.Please contact us via our e-mail address or our mobile number +32484026781 THANK YOU”

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Transcription of the testimony : Normally the social worker comes and says “yes, you’ve got a ticket” or whatever, but they didn’t tell me, they didn’t warn me. At 6am they came 7 of them, they tied me up, they put me clothes on, they’re not mine, they’re bigger than me. They put me straight into the car, yes, I was in Vottem and straight to the airport. At the airport there were 4 people, they already caught me as soon as I got out of the car. I was slapped and they took me to the cell and then we waited for the plane, and each time they pushed me, “yes, you’ll go back, yes otherwise we’ll hit you” threats and everything, and then I was tied by the foot and they handcuffed me. They put me on the plane and I started to scream, I screamed, I screamed, I insulted, I screamed, I asked my God to help me but afterwards, I reckon, the pilot told them “take him down, he’s going to leave traces”.  I went to the hospital, I have blue marks, they hit me with their elbows and they insulted me and it’s serious, really. We thought there are human rights but there are no human rights here, I don’t understand. Q: This was the first attempt to deportyou?It is the first time! Normally you have a choice, either you want or you refuse. No, they came into the cell at 6 am, bim bim I didn’t understand anything, I swear, I didn’t understand anything. Thank you very much, goodbye.

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