Audio: “There are Sudanese who suffer here” (FR)

There are Sudanese who suffer here

During the demonstration for the regularisation on October 12th, retainees of a closed centre wanted to participate live through their phones. Unfortunately it was not feasible for technical reasons.

Audio here (Fr)

“There are Sudanese who suffer here. I know pepole who spent one day, only one day here in Belgium and who were directly sent to a closed centre. They were obliged to introduce an asylum request. Obliged! How? They brought someone from the embassy to identify them and then they asked them to request asylum. Those Sudanese did not want to request asylum in Belgium. Then they brought flight tickets, hence people go to the airport, one time, two times, three times, and then they get embarked by force. When the Foreigners Office brought the planes to Sudan, they had to request asylum. There is a person who has been here for about 4 months and a half. They forced him to request asylum two months ago and they said “everything you’ve done before the asylum request does not count anymore, that’s the law”. I don’t get it, there is no logic in all this…

There are Sudanese here who introduced a release request, they went to the court of appeal of Brussels and were released. But the Foreigners Office appealed in front of the Indictment court, and there there release was refused. Now they are here, waiting for an appeal in cassation, it takes longer, and they suffer…
Besides, everybody knows that Sudan is a dictatorship, the President is wanted, they are all dictators. They dared to send people, how to call them, they are not deputies, they are not consuls, they are people who came to identify the Sudanese here. In fact, they brought people from the consulate here, in the closed centre, they saw the retainees one after the other to identify them, without warning them of course. The problem is that the Belgian government collaborates with the dictators and the representatives of the dictatorship, it is bad!”

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