Audio : Three asylum requests refused: If Belgium send me back to Ethiopie, my live is finished

03/08/2019: Many migrants from Ethiopia and Erithrea, trapped in our detention centers, are threatened with deportation to Ethiopia;

T is one of them

T has been in a detention center since February 2019. He made 3 asylum requests from the various centres where he was confined, all refused by the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRA°)and the De Raad voor Vreemdelingenbetwistingen (CCE)

They didn’t believe his story…..

T is questioning these procedures: dubious translator, documents in Dutch and nobody to explain them, impossibility of gathering the arguments for his defence from a closed center, impossibility of having the originals of the documents from the center……..

Here the Audio ( Engl)


Can you give me your name and your nationality ?
My name is T. , nationality éthiopian

Wich languages do you speek ?

And ?
Arabic also but I try trigrinia.

I hear that you speek english. Can you explain ?
Yes I speek english because I speek english in close center

Today is the 31th of july 2019, when, were and why you arrested in Belgium ?
Police arrested me on the 25 of february, in Ottignies train station, because I had no ticket.

You asked asylum in close center, why ?
I ask asylum in close center because I was afraid to go back Ethiopia

What do you fear if you go back to Ethiopia ?
I have political problems in Ethiopia. I fear that if I go back to Ethiopia, it will be very difficult for me. I had problem (as member) in the Welkait-Tegede asmelash-comity group. I came out of prison (prison escape).

And if you go back ?
If I go back in Ethiopia, I go all my life in prison.

The immigration office rejected almost everything about your case. Because of three main reasons : 1st the story, 2d the situation in your countryside, 3de about the evidences.
We will begin with the story : The story of the first and big interviews were rejected. Do you know why ? How could you prepare it ?
I dont’n understand by what it was rejected. I don’t know, … translator … Nobody explain to me my rejects also. I cannot read, I cannot write. I don’t know, but I have political problem in Ethiopia. Maybe there is problem with the translator. I don’t know

Why do you suspect that there is problems with the translation ?
I said everything right, but I don’t know. I don’t read , I don’t write. Nobody explained me why I was rejected, by this or by this ….

Could read your story after interview ?
No I cannot read, I cannot write, but I could see a wrong number. Police arrested me in Ethiopia in 25/11/2008, but police wrote 28/11/2008. But I see only this. If this is wrong maybe many other things are wrong like this.

About the decisions, did you get them on paper ? If you recieved them witch is the language used.
The decisions that I recieved are in flamish. I don’t know flamish. But nobody explain to me.

About the situation in you region. As I can read on the decision, most of the actual problem are related in the Gondar-Welkait district. But you come from the Tigray region and you are amhara. Can you explain, in two words, very short ?
Ok, I am part ot the Welkait-Tegede asmelash-comity group. Because Welkaid region was for a very long time an amharique ethnical region. Now, from the arrival of this new government, by force, the Welkaid region is intergrate in the tigray ethnical region. Now amhara are for to live in tigray ethnical region. Now because of that government ahmara people have big problem in that welkaid region. .

The third point : Most of the evidences were refused because they seemed to be sollicited and because they are not original papers. What can you say about that ?
Yes, I have evidence from the Welkaid Tegede group, and I also have proof from the region where I had problem.

Ok, and specicaly about the fact that you don’t have original papers and that you don’t have a lot of evidences. What can you say abourt that ?
I am in close in center. In close I no acccess to facebook, no Internet. In close center , it is very difficult to get papers for evidence. Before I had nobody to help me here.

What is your feeling now ?
I feel, that if the Belgian governement send me back in Ethiopia, my life is finished.

Do you want to add something else ?
If possible, I want to be released from this close center.



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