Belgium deports to Ethiopia. Let’s prevent the returns to death, misery : sign the petition.

Belgium deports to Ethiopia. Let’s prevent the returns to death, misery : sign the petition.


Let’s rapidly send a maximum of messages to the addresses below in order to help them.


Monsieur Grum Abay, Ambassadeur d’Éthiopie :
in cc:
Maggie Deblock :
Monsieur Roosemont, Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers :
ethiopien airline:
Title : No to the issuing of let passes to Ethiopia

Dear Ambassador,

We call on you to urgently stop repatriations which are contrary to the values and human rights usually in force in a democratic country such as ours.
Several young people are being threatened with a violent deportation to Ethiopia.
The situation in Ethiopia is explosive. The population is amongst the poorest of the world. Nothing to do with the population the current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is showing to Europe. Since his election in 2018, inter-communal violences have happened daily, making loads of victims and more than 2 millions displaced. In several regions, justice is being dealt with kinds of militias. For the moment, on top of ethnic conflicts there are religious conflicts; more than 50 churches have been burnt down this year. Our governments and the Foreigners Office must not ignore that!

The Ethiopian embassy should not ignore it either. However, it continues delivering let passes to its nationals, let passes requested by the Foreigners Office, to enable deportations to death or misery.

On 17 September, Tesfay was beaten by the 6 policemen of his Belgian escort following the deportation he had refused. He was told they had another plan for him for the next time.

Tesfay’s father disappeared in circumstances linked to the political situation of the country. He himself was arrested and imprisoned for political divergences. He is not dangereous, however like many others, he spent several months in our closed centres where the stories of personal lives are not acknowledged beacause the asylum requests in closed centres can not be done under conditions that would guarantee the fair and necessary preparation of their files. Would have he been able to stand these seven months retention and beating if he did not fear his return?

Mister the ambassador, we call on you to stop delivering let passes to people whose protection request could not be properly heard or taken care of.
We ask you to cancel the let passes of those people for whom the deportation is upcoming in order to assess their case outside of the context of closed centres.
We therefore also ask you to refuse that your countrymen be beaten in the shadow of our airports.

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