CALAIS 26/09/2020: Big Demonstration


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The Opale Coast : its beaches, its dragon, its squares, its carnival and … … and the determination of the State to harass refugees.

For 30 years, people in exile in transit to England have never been properly treated by local and national authorities. In 2017 the justice system ordered the state and the city of Calais to distribute water and to install toilets and showers. The authorities had to respect this obligation, but only did the bare minimum : while continuing to chase people away and destroy their shelters, they have organised distributions that are far away from anywhere, invisible and insufficient.

Further more harassment from the police and the administration is never ending.

Recently, there has been discrimination in the buses, which is intolerable.Blocked at the border, prevented from crossing and prevented from staying, these people survive as best they can, with no shelter other than tents provided by the associations, which are confiscated and destroyed on a daily basis.

The people were not sheltered last winter or during this summer’s heatwave, we fear the worst for this winter coming soon.

This summer, thousands of people tried to reach the UK by crossing the Channel in various boats.

We all realize that a policy of repression will never solve anything.

In 2020, men, women and children are thirsty and hungry.

In 2020, men, women and children have no shelter and are prevented from sleeping.

In 2020, men, women and children are victims of inhuman treatment.

In 2020, men, women and children risk their lives on dangerous travels.

The strategy led by municipalities, prefectures and the State must change.

We are mobilizing for a real dignified and human welcoming organized by the authorities.

We demand that the life and migration projects of exiled people be truly listened to and taken into consideration.

TOGETHER LETS STAND IN SOLIDARITY LET’S MAKE IT VISIBLE AND LOUD GATHERING SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER for a great festive mobilisation of solidarity !____________________________________

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